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Dice Tray Wood and Acrylic ~ Biotech Containment, Gaming

  • 3999

If you’re a table top gamer you are likely used to throwing dice. You are probably also used to that one player who chucks the dice with wild abandon and they fly across the board like a cubic death counter into your plastic figures or wooden houses and throwing your cardboard into disarray. This was the inspiration for this dice tray. With time its design has changed and been refined into what is now a great addition to many great gaming experiences.

Made with a wooden base that has a custom designed pattern inspired by the neon glow of Cyberpunk, Tron, and Post Apocalyptic settings etched into it, layered with one of four different light catching acrylic between black matte acrylic.
  • Precision cut with laser tools
  • Assembled by hand in Tacoma Washington
  • Includes optional rubber feet. 
  • Outside Dimensions = 10" x 10" x 1"
  • Inside dimensions are 8" x 8"

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