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Pi Squared - for Raspberry Pi3B+, 3, Pi 2 and Pi B+

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Introducing the Pi Squared

Our customized Craftsman case is designed to protect your Raspberry Pi3B+, 3, 2 and model B+ while maintaining access to the ports and connectors.

Choose from any of the twelve possible combinations of styles to make the Pi Squared fit in with your tastes:

Each case offers either a square opening or the classic Mackintosh Rose. After choosing between those, select between Crystal, Mist and Black acrylic. The frosted insert (Mist) diffuses the view while glowing with the light of the LEDs on the Raspberry Pi, while the clear (Crystal) insert reveals the board inside. Lastly, choose a standard or tall case.

If you have extra hardware or HATs, the Pi Squared comes in a tall option to make room for extra components.  We also include a right-angle HDMI adapter and zip-tie to make cable management a breeze.

Standard height =1.1"

Tall height =2.1"

Made at our shop in the state of Washington, USA!

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