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Bramble Box 4 Stack Case- Raspberry Pi 3 Pi2 & Pi Drive in Black Ice or Wood

  • 2499

The Bramble Box holds four Raspberry Pi 3 boards. We've designed this to showcase your project by framing four boards in a case that maximizes utility and appearance. Each Pi3 is attached to an acrylic plate that can be individually removed from the stack. A back plate can be screwed onto the stack to keep these plates from being removed when the cluster is transported or operating in a public area. 

  • Three heat sinks included for four boards (12 total)
  • Pi Drive attaches to bottom of case. 
  • Easy to transport. 
  • Easy to access individual boards
  • 4.9" tall, 3.5" deep and 2.65" side to side
Made and designed in Tacoma, Washington

We take pride in our 100% Customer Satisfaction

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